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Built on Science

Lost City of Mer is a virtual reality experience set in an underwater world of post-climate change apocalypse. This project was originally inspired by the devastating impact of global warming on great ocean environments such as the Great Barrier Reef. The project warns players about the dangers of climate change while rewarding them for lowering their real-world carbon footprint in order to resurrect a magical underwater civilization—Mer.

Based on Fantasy

Drawing on a range of narrative elements, such as science fiction, fantasy and mystery, a lost underwater civilization, destroyed by the ruinous effects of global warming and ocean pollution, has been created in VR. 

It combines immersive narrative, game play, and real-world activity using unique VR navigation mechanics and an innovative interface with a phone app.

The Team

The project was created Liz Canner and Geoffery Bennette with a wonderful team of VR and App Designers. To Read more about the different people who helped make this project a reality, as well as the artists behind the project click on "The Team" tab at the top.


Partnered with Auckland University of Technology, and Astrea Media, LLC Lost City Of Mer, LLC was made with the support of Unreal Engine, HP, and received funding from Auckland University of Technology and Individual Donations.  

The App

The smartphone app lets the player make progress even when they are not in the game. 

Built on Science

Design your own coral and

plant a stunning garden.


Watch as your garden grows and restores the ecosystem with vibrant sea life.

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