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The mysterious underwater Mer civilization and much of its flora and fauna have been destroyed. You are the first Mer Baby born in decades. Athina, a baby seal, befriends you and takes you on a journey through the remnants of the metropolis. 

 Do you have what it takes to bring Mer and her otherworldly inhabitants back to life?

You swim, using unique navigation developed especially for the

game, and witness the devastating effects of ocean temperature

rise and acidification which have ruined Mer’s ecosystem. Gameplay rewards action such as planting coral and reducing your carbon footprint. The more you invest in positive action and life creation, the more vibrant and stunning the Mer ecosystem will become.

Interactive Innovation

Lost City of Mer is a cross-platform interactive experience

that combines a smartphone app with VR. 


The project utilizes a groundbreaking living narrative structure

where your real-world actions impact the story that unfolds in VR. The phone app, which directly interfaces with the VR world, enables you to win rewards in the virtual world, through 

cutting carbon emissions in the real world.


Win rewards and unlock adventures for walking instead of

driving, and lowering your CO  footprint. Learn about

how much CO  is released when you drive.


Lost City of Mer was created in Unreal Engine for HTC Vive. The smartphone app is available for Apple and Android devices.

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