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Liz Canner


Liz Canner is an award-winning filmmaker, digital artist, sculptor, and writer who creates films, cross-platform digital media projects, and installations intended to inspire positive change. She likes to employ cutting-edge technologies to explore human rights and environmental issues from a new perspective.  A prime example of this is her critically acclaimed public cyber art documentary Symphony of a City on the housing crisis. Her feature documentary Orgasm Inc. about the pharmaceutical industry and women’s health was a New York Times “Critic's Pick”.  Her work has played at over a 100 film festivals internationally, been theatrically released, broadcast on many TV stations globally, and streamed on sites such as Sundance Now and Netflix internationally in 41 countries (“Most Popular” Critically Acclaimed Documentary section in 2012).  A graduate of Brown University with Honors, she has received over 60 awards, and grants for her work including an NEA grant, the Dartmouth College Visionary Award and fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.  She is the director of Astrea Media Inc., a nonprofit media company dedicated to creating innovative projects on human rights and environmental issues.


Katarina Markovic

3D VR Designer

Katarina Markovic is an award winning CGI Generalist, 3D Modeller, and CGI Landscape Artist. She completed her Master of Design at Auckland University of Technology in 2018.


Saul Pena Gamero

Lead VR Programmer

Saul Pena Gamero is a VR/AR software developer with a masters in Applied Computer Science.


DG Webster

Scientific Advisor

DG Webster, a professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College, focuses her research on understanding feedbacks within global scale social-ecological systems. Primarily, her work looks at the impact humans have on the oceans.  Currently, she’s studying coral reefs.

Subaquatic Life

Paul Moorcroft

Scientific Advisor

Paul Moorcroft, a professor at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, has done extensive research on the impact of climate change.  He uses mathematical models to study ecological dynamics of terrestrial plant communities and ecosystems and biosphere-atmosphere interactions. 

Sea Sponges

Winslow Burleson


Winslow Burleson, a professor at New York University, leads the NYU-X Lab ( where he is developing a  transdisciplinary research and innovation holodeck. Win was recognized by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) as “one of the nation’s leading engineering researchers and educators”. He received the best paper award at the 2009 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the field’s top conference, showing Affective Learning Companions’ ability to have a large-scale societal impact on thousands of students, by bringing cyber-enabled learning research into classroom settings. Win has been awarded 10 patents, four inventor and innovator awards from IBM Research, two Time Magazine Awards for the top 10 and top 50 inventions of the year, authored over 100 scientific publications, exhibited at the Pompidou Centre, and performed in Carnegie Hall.


Polita Glynn


Polita Glynn oversees the Pew fellows program in marine conservation, which seeks to improve ocean health by generating high-quality research and fostering a worldwide community of experts who collaborate to address marine conservation issues.  Before joining Pew, Glynn was a freelance project director, educator, writer, and producer specializing in marine conservation and media education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in American studies from Bennington College and a master’s degree in administration and planning from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education.


Gregory Bennett


Gregory Bennett is a New Zealand-based digital artist who works with 3D animation, motion capture, projection mapping, virtual and augmented reality and interactive media. He has exhibited internationally in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, and Europe, and his work is represented in both public and private collections. Recent exhibitions include the, a survey of international digital artists at the BronxArtSpace in New York, the juried exhibition at the 2016 International Symposium on Electronic Art in Hong Kong, and the Supernova 2017 Digital Animation Festival in Denver. He is currently Head of Department for Digital Design and Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology.

Gregory Bennett artist website.


Andrew Beaubien

Lead VR Programmer/Sound Designer

Andrew Beaubien completed his degree in Computer Science and Music at Dartmouth College in 2016 and has since been doing independent development work.  His interest in games for social change stems from his background in systems thinking, which he has studied and taught now for several years as Steve Peterson's assistant at Dartmouth's engineering school.​


Yusuf Olokoba

App Programmer

Yusuf Olokoba is a software developer and game developer with experience in API design, app development, and backend development.

Jellyfish in Aquarium

Alex Barnett

Scientific Advisor

Alex Barnett is an applied mathematician and numerical analyst. He was a Professor in the mathematics department at Dartmouth College for 12 years. He attended Cambridge University and obtained his Ph.D. in physics at Harvard University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Courant Instructorship at New York University. His research interests include scientific computing, partial differential equations, integral equations, biomedical imaging, neuroscience, inverse problems, and quantum chaos. Barnett is well known for numerical work in wave scattering, high-frequency eigenvalues, potential theory, periodic geometries, and fast algorithms. He has received several grants from the National Science Foundation, received Dartmouth’s Karen E. Wetterhahn Memorial Award for Distinguished Creative or Scholarly Achievement, and won the XXI International Physics Olympiad. Barnett is also a jazz and funk musician. He has composed the music for a number of films[2] by his wife director Liz Canner and advised about scientific matters on her VR project Lost City of Mer.


Marc Weiss


Marc Weiss is the creator of the celebrated PBS series P.O.V., a climate educator and former board member of the Sierra Club Foundation. He has been a leader in the independent media movement for more than 40 years, first as a filmmaker and journalist, then as a co-founder of several key organizations including Web Lab, an online laboratory that uses the Internet to engage a wide range of people on important issues.

Aquarium Decor

David Smallman


Smallman Law PLLC specializes in media law, intellectual property, and complex litigation, as well as a First Amendment and freedom of information matters. Our clients include global media insurers, established and start-up technology companies, publishers, authors, documentary film companies, and investigative journalism networks and organizations. In a time of economic upheaval and profound challenges facing the international community, we believe that clients benefit from the practice of law as a profession, rather than a business. We also believe that longstanding values, ethical principals, and social justice, are consistent with zealous advocacy and the achievement of cost-effective outcomes.

Technical Consultants

Todd Bryant

Marc Bouchard, Epic Games

Martin Sevigny, Epic Games

Jeremy Thompson

Lee Jackson

Sea creature

Stephanie Rothschild

Fairy Godmother

Stephanie Rothschild runs Kidzlovemusic, a talent agency, that brings you the best in family entertainment. With award-winning artists who offer inclusive, multilingual, culturally resonant music and educational programs, they have something for every child and adult!

Aurelia Jellyfish

Celine Sutter

Associate producer for Astrea Media, LLC, outreach coordinator, website designer and tutorial animator for Lost City of Mer.


Lindsey Alpaugh

Serena Corson

Farrell Erickson

Jeremy Huml

Rachel Miller

Achuth Nair

Lucy Rosenthal

Michael Tang

Hongting Wang - Translator

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