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Auckland University of Technology

Individual Donations




We are searching for funds to fully actualize Mer. Donations can be made to Astrea Media, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit,

PO Box 22, New York, NY 10276. 

Your support is tax deductible. Thank you!


An Anonymous Foundation, Auckland University of Technology, Carl and Carol Canner, Susan Bennett, Vicki and Bill Falk, Barbara and Larry Hohlt, Bob and Anita Kallen, Bill and Lynn Kargman, Dennis Livingston, Karen Moss, Giavanna Munafo, Gerald Pier, Nancy Sterns, Susan Seehausen, Susan Unterberg, Jim Walsh, and other generous donors!


Special Thanks
Abel, Charlie Bardey, Alex Barnett, Rudy Blanco, Liz Blum, Gillian Caldwell, Carl and Carol Canner, Epic Games, Harold Goldberg, Mara Haseltine, Bob Kallen, Ingrid Kasper, Pagan Kennedy, Dave Kluft, Craig Laliberte, Dario Laverde, Karen Moss, Maher Nasser, Kaoru Nemoto, Joanna Popper, Sabine Poux, Playcrafting, Christie Roberts, Rachel Stevens,

David Thaler, Nikos Trikoupis, DG Webster, Diana Whitman, and Orly Yadin!

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